Here are the odds and ends of my (occasionally) crafty life. I am a crocheter, knitter, and seamstress. I have a touch of crafting ADD. I've been doing all three crafts since I was a kid, but knitting I gave up on after one project. I picked it again recently and I love it.

I am a huge Doctor Who geek.

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!! Woah guys! Pixelovely’s new tools are finally out, one for hands & feet, and one for faces!

There’s now 429 photos of hands & feet, and 314 photos of faces. Dang!!

This is super cool news and I certainly can’t wait to start using them haha

I’ve got tons of tutorials on hands, feet and faces in their relevant tags, so be sure to check those out too nwn

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Knitting Inspiration - I really love all these vivid blues. You may have heard me mention the “blue bird of happiness,” which is exactly the color of blue that I associate with all sorts of positive things; maybe it’s because I keep that bird on the windowsill next to my bed or maybe it’s because I just watched Watchmen last night and my thoughts are all blue-glowing and voiced in a soothingly rational tone at the moment, but I can’t stop thinking in tones of blue.

Sources are, as always, in the captions and below.

Moonlight Sonata



Blackrose Socks


Prickly Thistle Mittens

Jeweled Cowl

Melody’s Shawl

Tailored Cardigan


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Knitting Inspiration - Spirals. I completely failed to do one of these posts last week (all of my weekly posts, in fact), and the reason for that is what inspires me this week. My life feels like one gigantic spiral right now-swirling endlessly towards some crucial nexus. If I try to see the entirety of it at once it terrifies me, like trying to touch a hurricane while standing in the middle of it, but at the same time, watching it rush around me and focusing on a single rotation at a time is a weird kind of beautiful.

What I mean to say is that I’m trying my best to accomplish one hour, day, week of things at a time while hoping that together they add up to the massive, exciting thing I can just barely perceive on my horizon.

Sources are, as always, in the captions and below.

Pieces of Eight Mitts

Vortex Shawl

Spiral Yoke Pullover

Vortex Throw and Pillows

Hurricane Hat

Sagrantino Shawl

Ten Stitch Twist


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If She Wants BLING, She Gets It shawl



Dolce Vita shawl // Brigit Freyer // Zephyr Laceweight Wool-Silk // 1.3 skeins // over 5000 pearl and crystal beads // 4.5 mm // Ravelry post // Blog post // Pinterest












This is GORGEOUS lace and bead/sequin work — even if pink!

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Cool rotating square throw/ baby blanket.

Free knitting pattern here

I think I reblogged this before, but I like this pattern and want to make it.

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